VIP website options provides the smartest sports website builder in the world. Get a great looking site, fully responsive for mobile phones, with your content, your way. No software needed - easy to login and update.

There are three different levels of service, ranging from FREE for clubs that have zero budget, through to VIP subscription plans for clubs that want to get more from the web. To learn more Click here.

Each FREE website gives you over 100 pages of content, along with news, documents, photos, video and even your own Mobile App. The free websites include Sporty's own advertising at the bottom of each page and impose limitations on the amount of content you can display on each page.

We are comfortable that every rugby league club in New Zealand can have its existing website content fit within the capacity of a FREE website on the Sporty platform, and also receive increased functionality without any cost.

For clubs that may have a budget available, there are also some increased options that you are invited to consider.

Website page content is contained within 'sections'. You can set each section to be up to four columns wide. Websites that are FREE are limited to only two sections high on the home page and one section on every other page.

Within a section, FREE websites let you have just one 'widget' (block of content) per column. This means that you can have up to 8 widgets total on your home page and up to 4 widgets on each other page for your site.

Refer to the images on this page for examples. if you want to display more content, simply upgrade to one of the VIP subscription options.

Example of content restrictions for FREE websites. Home page: two sections, with one widget per column only.

Example of content restrictions for FREE websites: Other pages: one section with one widget per column only.